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About Us

'The betterment of humankind depends on the ability of fallible human beings to make decisions, manage resources, and govern themselves. This is the basis of democracy and of civilization itself.'
Elinor Ostrom, 1933 - Political Scientist, Nobel Prize Winner

Thank you for visiting. Since 2003, Organic Principle has been writing about industrial agriculture and its disastrous effects.

As reporters, our primary function is to provide insightful information that cultivates conscious choice about the consumer choices we make every day. As food activists, our mandate is to promote community, environmental and social well-being by mobilizing those who are interested in deepening their understanding and awareness around issues of sustainable living. Our objective is to spread the word as quickly and as effectively as possible about dangerous ingredients that is found in everyday processed food products.

Organic Principle is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the emergence of communities where ecology, commerce and social equity prosper. As specialists in open source technology, our umbrella organization encompasses a wide range of initiatives to promote health and wellbeing. Our Bee Projects focus on the amazing world of a 100 million year old species. This species is in serious trouble but there are ways we can help them return home. The Wildflower Initiative is a way we can all get involved and our Good Food Guides helps the consumer find farmers and food processors who practice a superior food ethic when preparing the fare that provides nutrition to our children.

We invite you to join us in helping spread the word that conscious choice can transform the world we live in.

TLR, Editor
Organic Principle