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Brazil's National Cancer Institute Site Concerns Over Massive Use of Glyphosate

Brazil is the largest consumer of agrochemicals in the world. Agrochemical sales increased from USD 2 billion in 2001 to 8.5 billion in 2011. A report from Brazil’s National Cancer Institute José Alencar Gomes da Silva (INCA), part of the country’s Ministry of Health, says that national consumption of agrochemicals is equivalent to 5.2 litres of agrochemicals per year for each inhabitant.

Glyphosate Accumulates in Roundup Ready GM Soy

Describes the nutrient and elemental composition, including residues of herbicides and pesticides, of 31 soybean batches from Iowa, USA.

Source: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308814613019201

GM Maize and Roundup Cause Tumours, Multiple Organ Damage and Premature Death

In this controversal study, researchers led by Gilles-Eric Seralini from CRIIGEN have found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize or given water containing Roundup, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, developed cancers faster and died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They suffered breast cancer and severe liver and kidney damage.

Source: http://www.criigen.org/?option=com_content&task=view&id=373&Itemid=131


GM Salmon Can Breed with Wild Trout

Scientists warn genetically modified salmon can breed with wild trout to produce a new fast growing fish that can harm natural species.

Source: http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/280/1763/20131047


Insect resistance to Bt crops: lessons from the first billion acres

As of 2010, five of 13 major pest species had become largely immune to the Bt poisons in GMO corn and cotton, compared to just one species in 2005.

Source: http://www.nature.com/nbt/journal/v31/n6/full/nbt.2597.html


Roundup Toxic to Dairy Cows

Dr Monika Krüger revealed that glyphosate-based Roundup is toxic to the normal metabolism of dairy cows.

Source: http://www.gmoevidence.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Glyphosat-Dänemark.pdf


GM Peas Cause Allergic Reactions in Mice

Division of Molecular Bioscience of the John Curtin School of Medical Research in Australia found that mice were allergic to the GM Pea in 2005 study.


Warning over CSIRO GM Wheat Threat

The Safe Food Foundation & Institute commissioned scientific experts Dr Jack Heinemann from the University of Canterbury and Dr Judy Carman from Flinders University to give their expert scientific opinions on CSIRO’s genetically modified wheat. Both Dr Heinemann and Dr Carman indicated that they believe there are major gaps in CSIRO’s risk assessment testing leading to potential life-threatening consequences.

Source: http://www.gmoevidence.com/university-of-canterbury-scientists-warn-over...


GMO Harm in Pig Study

Groundbreaking new study shows that pigs were harmed by the consumption of feed containing genetically modified (GM) crops.

Source: http://gmojudycarman.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/The-Full-Paper.pdf


BT Corn Not Substantially Equivalent to Non-GM Parent

Scientists from Alexandria University shows GM corn not substantially equivalent to non-GM parent.

Source: http://www.academia.edu/3341205/Chemical_Analysis_of_Bt_corn_Mon-810_Aje...


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